about us

What is Off -Grid?

It’s cutting “off” from “the grid”.

It means the lifestyle designed in an independent manner without reliance on public utilities such as electricity, public water service. In Japan mostly off-grid refers to the building or lifestyle installed independent solar power system and make their life only with the solar power.

We define off-grid is to make our life self-sufficient not only relying on the existing social system and money.

What’s like GURUGULU?

It’s like the small vegetable garden suddenly appear in the forest. There are chickens lively walking around the garden. We, including all the animals, stay and live peacefully the way we are.

To live in nature and enjoy the life itself make us feel that we are a part of natural circulation. To realize it, you could see what is true wealth in our life. To raise the awareness about this idea for our visitor is our goal and what we want to express at GURUGULU.

What GURUGULU is doing?

We DIY-ed every weekend of 7 years and completed the lodge after we bought it as the ex-owner left it incomplete. We still keep challenging to make our lifestyle self-sufficient offgrid by using the vast of land. Off-grid guest house GURUGULU is also one of those challenges.

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