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This room is limited to one group per day, with a maximum capacity of 7 people, and has a private kitchen and shower. The room has a private kitchen and shower. 7 persons or more can stay for 5,500 yen + per person, but the room can comfortably accommodate up to about 9 persons.

The room layout on the first floor is as follows: Twin room (14m2) x 2, Kitchen (6m2), Shower room, Toilet.

Triple room (1 double bed x 1 semi-double bed x 1 14m2) Shower space (8m2) Shared living room (32m2) Shared toilet

Refrigerator Microwave Oven Kitchen utensils Disinfectant alcohol Hair dryer Towels Toothbrush (fee required)

We have a cat in the facility. The cat is generally kept in the host room, but occasionally comes and goes in the living room and other places. Please refrain from using this room if you are allergic to cats.

Price& Ressservation


Please note that we do not provide transportation service. Please understand that we do not provide a shuttle service.

Early check-in (optional) 14:30- 1100 yen per person, free for elementary school students and younger

Smoking is prohibited in all areas of the building.

We have cats. Please refrain from staying if you are allergic to cats.

Residential Accommodation Business Notification No. M010000160

Amenities : Free wifi, refrigerator, washing machine, microwave, hair dryer, shower, towels, soap and shampoo


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