GURUGULU is a handmade private guesthouse in the woods. The aim is to create and share a lifestyle that combines “old-fashioned” and “technology”. Spring water pumped up directly from Mt. Yotei’s spring water source is delivered to each tap of water using off-grid solar power generation system. In addition, we continue challenging to make an off-grid life, such as the use of fire wood, small scale chicken farming , and natural vegetable gardens.

You may experience inconvenience during your stay. We hope you could enjoy it as if you are staying at your friend in the mountain.

And here is Niseko, the famous place for outdoor activities. Not only mountain climbing, cycling, kayaking and fishing, but depending on you, the enjoyment is endless.

We look forward to welcoming you at Off-grid guesthouse GURUGULU.

mountain view from all the rooms

Life with Chickens Experience

Calm and Convenient Location

Love & Bonfire = Peace


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