We offer a range of seasonal experiences for guests.

The owner, who is also a deer hunter and a nature guide certified by the governor of Hokkaido, will guide you.

Let’s Walk in the Gurugulu Forest! Small tour to explore spring water

May – October, about 1 hour, 1,650 yen per person (elementary school students and up: 1,000 yen), from 3 people

Mt. Yotei spring water, one of Japan’s 100 best waters, is directly connected to the Gurugulu tap. Take a walk through the forest to this spring water point. You can also see the natural beauty of mountain and the remains of an old starch factory. Your nature guide, the owner, will take you there!

DIY Rocket stove making experience
May-October About 2 hours and a half 2500 yen per person (Elementary school 5th grade and up 1500 yen)

Materials fee (for one stove): 4,000 yen (minimum 3 people)

DIY pail and chimney components to make a stove called a rocket stove. The only tools used are universal scissors, electric drill and pliers. You can make this stove from elementary school age. Just by burning thin twigs, you can generate enough heat to cook rice, so it’s great for outdoor activities and disasters! The finished product is surprisingly light and easy to carry around. The finished product is surprisingly light and easy to carry, making it perfect for free research during summer vacation.

Introduction to Forest Life! Firewood chopping experience
May-October: 1,100 yen per person (5 years old or older)

You will experience making firewood for the Gurugulu, splitting logs cut into 30 cm pieces with an axe and putting them in a firewood rack. You can feel the difference of splitting and aroma of each kind of wood. You will be able to feel the difference in the way the wood splits and the smell of the wood. You’ll work up a good sweat!

Speaking of Niseko! Shiribetsu River Rafting Experience
May – Oct One person 5500 yen Guru Guru Price 5000 yen (4 years old – elementary school student 4500 yen 4000 yen)

This is a collaboration project with Adventure Smile, a professional rafting guide. Experienced guides with 15 years of experience will take you on an exciting outdoor journey while keeping the tour safe. Enjoy the great outdoors of Niseko! GuruGuru special price is available.

Great! Bonfire experience in the garden
May-October: 1100 yen per person for the use of the fire pit (500 yen for children 6 years old to elementary school students) *3-person minimum Held

Would you like to have a wild open fire in the fire pit in the garden? If you are familiar with bonfires, please use it for a fee only.

If you’re new to bonfires or aren’t confident in your flame control, don’t worry. Please use the fire guide by the owner. We will gather firewood in advance, prepare water for extinguishing, and start the fire. You can learn how to make a fire safely, control the flame of the fire, and other skills to live in the forest. (About 2 hours, 5,000 yen)

Why don’t you try an experience you can’t have in your daily life?

We also provide a BBQ set. Two stoves, two tongs, a box of charcoal, a paper plate, a lighter, a gas burner, an igniter (birch bark), outdoor lighting, and two sets of gloves (3,000 yen).

Winter woods are fun! Private Snowshoe Hike
 December – March

 Snowshoe short experience (about 45 min.) 4000 yen per person, elementary school students and under 2800 yen

 GURUGULU forest exploration (about 1.5 hours) 6800yen per person 3900yen for children and under

Original night tour (approx. 1 hours) 5800yen per person, 3900yen for elementary school students and under

Snowshoes allow you to walk freely in the winter forest. As soon as you step out of GuruGuru’s door, you can start hiking in the wilderness. We offer a wide range of activities from trial hikes for first-timers, guided nature tours through secret forests, hikes through the town’s forest park and night snowshoeing.

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